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Nature, Ease + Freedom Activities

choose your actions with care, its your message to the world...


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Respect the laws of nature

Feel the impact of the laws of nature! To surf you must be present with your own abilities, have respect for all creatures and - be ready for a serious adrenaline rush!


View life as a game

A jam session - it doesn't matter if its playing sports or making music. What matters is having fun and being free in the flow. It’s about pure, unbridled passion. Living in the here and now, while not taking yourself too seriously is the key to making your life a work of art.

Live in a Van

Find what you really need

The van VW T1 is an icon for free and adventurous hearts! ´Live in a van´isn't just a slogan for the simple life! It points to a question of true substance: What do we really need?

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